Need Towing Services in Hawthorne, CA?

We understand calling for a towing service is not the what you intended for your day. Therefore, we will work to arrive at your location in the shortest time possible to alleviate your stressful roadside situation. Our dispatchers are fast to respond and set-up your towing services. We have been in the towing industry for decades, and we understand what our customers need when looking for tow truck services. They need affordable, fast, and reliable professionals. We strive to work and go the extra miles to meet these expectations. Call Hawthorne Towing today!

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Light Duty Towing Services

Light Duty Towing

At Hawthorne Towing, our team has years of experience towing various types of vehicles, and light duty vehicles are no exception. We have a comprehensive fleet of tow trucks and equipment to ensure a safe towing experience. There is no need to be worried about the tow because we have seasoned tow truck drivers who know exactly what to do. We are able to help countless motorists to move their motorcycles, cars, and mini-vans to where they want them to be. With wheel lift, flatbed tow trucks, straps, and tie-down equipment, we can provide quick and fast towing.

Medium Duty Towing Services

Medium Duty Towing

Our medium duty towing team approaches all our customers with efficiency, speed, and professionalism. We know how valuable your RVs, vans, and motorhomes are to you. We can get them to your designated location quickly. Our company possesses the appropriate flatbed or wheel lift tow truck to perform the towing tasks, thus enabling us to provide the reliable medium duty towing you need. We offer comprehensive training for our staff to provide the best, most up to date service to our customers. Our professional towing technicians offer swift and courteous service.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty vehicles require more technical knowledge, as well as the right tow truck and equipment to perform towing safely. This is the reason why you should find appropriate towing companies to get the job done for you. Our towing team can offer safe towing for heavy-duty trucks or equipment at day or night. A heavy-duty vehicle break-down on the road is a big issue, and we can solve this big problem for you. We have the reliability and strength that you are looking for in heavy-duty towing. We can handle large heavy vehicles such as box truck, buses and more.

Hawthorne Towing Services

Flatbed Towing

The reason why this tow truck has the name flatbed is due to the flat appearance at the back of the truck. The flatbed tow truck is equipped with a hydraulic system winch lowers the ramp or flatbed to the ground and then a hydraulic winch is used to haul the vehicle onto the bed of the truck if it is unable to drive. This feature also makes it easy for a vehicle to drive a directly onto the ramp. This towing service is considered one of the safest and most efficient way to recover your vehicle and to ensure a secure tow. If you need towing for luxury and vintage vehicles, we recommend using our fast and affordable flatbed towing service.