Do You Want to be a Tow Truck Driver?

When you are stranded on the road or highway due to a vehicle breakdown, the most possible help you can get is from towing services. If you are interested in the towing industry, how do you get into it and make the towing business a career?

Towing may seem to require strength and stamina. However, it also requires thoughtful planning to navigate through different towing situations a towing driver may encounter. Modern tow truck is a sophisticated equipment; in order to operate this machinery efficiently, one needs to have the training and credentials to perform the task.

Education and Licensing

Towing includes various tasks. The type of job one will do is dependent on the education and licensing requirements. The person must meet the requirements in order to be a professional tow truck driver. Most towing companies require one to possess commercial driver’s license to obtain the position. One exception to this is if the person is driving a small truck and will only tow commuter vehicles. More income can be earned if towing involves assisting bigger vehicles. It can be worthwhile getting a commercial driver’s license to boost the earnings.

General education degree may also be required by some towing companies. It may not need a college degree, as it is an accessible occupation for many. But there are some complicated situations which will require independent thinking on the job.

There is also the Tow Truck Driver Certification, where the qualification will attest that you have completed the mandatory programs required by the state. Different states have their own programs. However, those people who do not have the certifications will obtain certifications from other associations.

Getting a Tow Truck

It is important to get a tow truck to start the jobs. Tow trucks or wreckers are classified into three categories; namely light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty tow trucks. There are also sub-categories within each class. Most tow trucks are able to start hauling vehicles right after production. Some of the conventional trucks are able to be converted to be used as wreckers. In order to make such conversions, you may want to spend some money to install wheel lift onto the pickup. The cost is less than a dedicated towing rig. However, for specialized tasks, such as towing a semi-truck, you will definitely use a dedicated towing vehicle.

Job Security

If you are not afraid of working long hours, and like helping other drivers on the road, towing can be an ideal job for you. Vehicle breakdowns happen almost everyday, so there is no worry you will not get the jobs. It is essential to read up on the latest news and go for training related to the towing industry; you will be able to grasp the latest regulations and trends. In this way, you can better equip yourself with the right knowledge for better service, which in turn may give you a better reputation, more jobs, and more income.

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